Sunday, January 1, 2012


Well we are into a new year and I'm hoping 2012 is not only a great year ahead for me but also for all my friends. 2011 has been hard on everyone and I'm glad to see the back of it.

I lost some friends in 2011 but at the end of the day that is fine as they weren't my friends anyway......friends don't treat friends like they treated me. Good luck to you all cos your gonna need it.
On a happier note my move to Auckland was the best move I made and the best thing I have done in a long time. It was a huge change but for the best. Start new somewhere new.

I am in Christchurch for Christmas and head home in a week and a bit and will be moving into town,closer to Auckland. I have lots of plans for my new life and I am looking forward to it. Spending time with my boys and enjoying life.
I have dealt to some inner demons that have been there my whole life and I feel free, finally!
I have got my creative juices back and have been busy with Hilary creating while I have been here....

I have been selling heaps of stuff on Trade Me to get rid of that part of my past and it feels great. Moving on and doing it for me, not what others tell me to do. Spending time with the boys has been great and they will be part of my life in Auckland.
I have spent every Wednesday and Saturday with my boys since I have been here in Christchurch and we have had some fun.

It is so cool to spend time with them while here. This was the first time in 2 months I had seen the boys and it was one of the best days I have had with the boys in a long time.

I get to spend 2 more days with the boys before I head home. It will be a sad day but I got to see them while here so that is the main thing. They will be coming to Auckland for the holidays.

Well this is the first post of 2012 and it won't be my last.

Happy New Year and stay safe!

Tanya Leigh

Friday, October 28, 2011

I thought I would update...

Well here I am again doing another update. I can't believe I have been living in Auckland now for over a month and have been at my new job about 4 weeks. I love working at City Chic, the staff are awesome, everything about it is great and oh yeah the clothes....hehe

Trying to find a place closer to my work as I am travelling about an hour each way to work and home. The drive is nice but would be nice to live closer. Waiting to hear about an apartment in St Lukes. I've never lived in an apartment before. Exciting!

Friday last week I headed off on the Paper. Scissors. Chocolate. Indulgence retreat at Motu Moana Scout Camp, Blockhouse Bay here in Auckland. What an awesome weekend. Met some new people and had a great early morning chat with Michele, I think we went to sleep about 4am..hehe
As it was Halloween weekend Debbie had done an awesome display of treats for us all to enjoy...

Debbie, you out did yourself....totally amazing!

I haven't done any scrapbooking for a while but at the retreat I did almost 6 layouts and 4 cards and some of my Project Life. Felt great to do some scrapbooking but over the last week I have decided to sell all my stuff and move on. So watch out on Trade Me for some bargins.

Anyway, the retreat was great, Louise did an amazing job, I didn't get to do her class at the retreat as I needed sleep,hehe so will sort that out soon. We all had to make a mask and everyone picked a winner and it was ME...this is me and my mask....

There were so many masks and everyone did an awesome job. There were lots of laughs at the retreat until the wee small hours but Liz and Tanya Watson were the ones who stayed up all night and didn't sleep on Friday night at all....Don't know how they did it really but they did, hehe

I got to catch up with others I haven't seen for a while and that was great to. Louise, thanks for an awesome weekend.

This week has been hard as I am sick and have a few issues but I'm moving on with my life and things are about to change, I have had some good news about my boys in Christchurch which won't do the ex any good but do I care about the ex? NOPE!

Looks like a trip to Christchurch for a court hearing but bring it on, can't wait! I have done the best I can with my boys with what I had at the time and that shows and will show in court to and the ex can stick it.

More photos...

Ruth, me and Janine...awesome photo! hehe

Anyway next post will be with my layouts from the retreat when I can find them...hehe


Tanya Leigh

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't fall off your chair....

that I am updating my

It's been awhile since I last updated this thing and was thinking it was a waste of time but feeling a little better now I am living in Auckland, away from Christchurch and my life there and all the aftershocks. Just heard there was a big one in Christchurch tonight (5.5) and I am worried about all my friends there but glad I am not there anymore.

I left Christchurch on the 28th September and drove to Picton, jumped on the ferry and headed to Wellington where I meet Debbie. We stayed the night there and then headed towards Auckland on Thursday morning early. It was a great trip and had the company of my friend Debbie so made it all the better.

We arrived in Auckland at around 6pm and it was so cool to be here and be on solid ground. I am staying with Tanya and her kids for a while and she has been amazing. Making me feel at home and happy, thanks chickie!

Before I left Christchurch I got to spent some time with Jarrod and Leigh which was awesome. They wanted to go to KFC so off we went.

I miss them both so much it hurts, but I am working on them coming to Auckland for a holiday with their mum. Love you guys<3
Things have been hard to deal with with them both being in Christchurch as I haven't spoken to them due to their Dad hanging up on my every time I ring. But he will be dealt to by my lawyer.

Since I have been in Auckland things are getting better for me. Being on solid ground helps heaps and I got myself a job last week. Been seeing alot of people and also seeing the man in my life...Noah! He is doing good at his new school. He is happy with Neil and coping better now he is out of Christchurch.

I miss my man so much. Love you Noah!

I have sorted out my scrappy stuff and finally did a layout today after months and months of not doing anything. It felt good to do a layout but I cry every time I look at photo's of the boys.

Well, I'm off now.

Tanya Leigh

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trying to move forward!

Since my last post things are looking a little better with help from different people. The support from friends has been huge and want to say thanks to you all. You really find out who your friends are when you are going through something like this, and I have.

We are in the middle of packing as we are moving and putting stuff in storage. Making lots of changes in our life and I'm looking forward to everything. We have been through so much and we need the change. My family (auntie and uncles, cousins) live up north and as this is the only family we have it would be nice to be around them. My family here suck and can't be here any more with them just around the corner.

I went to my first DSN meeting last week. When I left I felt great, learning that others out there are going through something just like you and your not alone. Going to these meetings is going to help me put my life back together and I know where I want to go in life. Great feeling!

So with moving forward we are packing and putting stuff in storage and in August the boys and myself are heading to Auckland for a break for 3 whole weeks and while we are up there we are going to head through to Whangarei to see family. An angel was sent from above to help us and she is, she is the most amazing person and I am yet to meet her. I thank her and her husband for everything from the bottom of my heart. xxx

How do you repay an angel?

My house looks like a bomb has gone off in it and it's driving me nuts but can't have a tidy house and pack at the same time. Every thing comes out, and you don't realise how much stuff you have until you have to move it. I haven't even started on my scrapping stuff yet and every time I go to start I look around and walk away The whole thing scares me!

We have only been here in this house for 8 months and never thought we would be moving out only after been here 8 months. But life does change and I'm hoping this is for the best for me and the boys. Things have been hard and I need a new start away from everything here in Christchurch. So at the moment we are looking at staying here for another 6 months then go from there. You don't know unless you try, right?

Tanya Leigh

Friday, June 24, 2011

A bad week!

This week hasn't been great. Things went from bad to worse. I ended up in Hospital on Sunday night with my depression and the boys are staying with their Dad's. This week has been hard for me being on my own with feeling the way I do but my friends have been checking in on me and helping me. Tuesday night Christchurch was hit with another aftershock 5.4 and Neil came and picked me up off the floor. It was so scary and it make me sick. I ended up staying with my wonderful friend for the night.

My life seems to be one big mess at the moment and can't see a way out. I want to move to Auckland and I have a place to stay but just can't get there. My Doctor thinks moving would be a great move due to my health and the earthquakes being a huge part of it but can't seem to get the help I need to move.

This week I have been in hiding in my bed, not doing much and can't find it in me to go out. I did go out today but didn't stay out long, had to come home. I never thought my life would end up this way. I thought I had everything I wanted with my boys and Neil.
But life does throw you a curve ball from time to time and we have to deal with it but why?


Did my parents treat me the way they did my whole life?
Did Neil leave me?
Did Christchurch have to have so many earthquakes?
Did my sister assault me and Leigh?
Did a boy assault Jarrod at his school?
Did my ex husband not think to help sooner?


I'm feeling lost and unsure how to move forward with my life.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I have been scrapbooking :)

I have been scrapbooking.....

I have been busy with Tanya Leigh Designz and have been to Timaru teaching two classes at the Artfull Getaway.

The two classes I did in Timaru were the Teresa Collins boy layout and Dusty Attic Frame class.

The weekend was just awesome. Wasn't feeling that great on Saturday morning when I got up but I put on a happy face and got myself through the day. Sunday I left earlier than planned as I was getting worse so packed up and drove home.

Some layouts I got finished over the weekend...

Two layouts I did using the Chapter One range from Kaiser Craft.....two

scrap lifts:)

This layout is a scrap lift from Scrappin' Patch and I have used my Tanya Leigh Designz Scrabble Tiles for the title.

This is another scrap lift but I can't remember where I found it.

And this is the layout I did at Scrappin' Patch on my birthday with Trina McClune

My friend Sarah paid for half my class as a birthday present and I loved every min of it, thanks ?Sarah:)

It was nice to see you Trina and this was my first Trina class, loved it Trina! Thanks...xx

Lately things haven't been great for me, my depression is getting on top of me and life is to hard to deal with. All the earthquakes we are having doesn't help and I don't want to be a mum anymore.
My scrappy room is my happy place and I either spent time in there or in bed hiding. Leaving the house is a hard thing for me to do as weird as that sounds but it is. I'm just not in a good place right now. But my friends have been great and am getting help. I feel so alone it hurts.

Monday, May 16, 2011

We have a winner!

We have a winner of a pack of Tanya Leigh Designz


Lynda, can you email me at

with your details and I will send this pack out to you.

WTG Lynda!

Tanya Leigh