Friday, October 28, 2011

I thought I would update...

Well here I am again doing another update. I can't believe I have been living in Auckland now for over a month and have been at my new job about 4 weeks. I love working at City Chic, the staff are awesome, everything about it is great and oh yeah the clothes....hehe

Trying to find a place closer to my work as I am travelling about an hour each way to work and home. The drive is nice but would be nice to live closer. Waiting to hear about an apartment in St Lukes. I've never lived in an apartment before. Exciting!

Friday last week I headed off on the Paper. Scissors. Chocolate. Indulgence retreat at Motu Moana Scout Camp, Blockhouse Bay here in Auckland. What an awesome weekend. Met some new people and had a great early morning chat with Michele, I think we went to sleep about 4am..hehe
As it was Halloween weekend Debbie had done an awesome display of treats for us all to enjoy...

Debbie, you out did yourself....totally amazing!

I haven't done any scrapbooking for a while but at the retreat I did almost 6 layouts and 4 cards and some of my Project Life. Felt great to do some scrapbooking but over the last week I have decided to sell all my stuff and move on. So watch out on Trade Me for some bargins.

Anyway, the retreat was great, Louise did an amazing job, I didn't get to do her class at the retreat as I needed sleep,hehe so will sort that out soon. We all had to make a mask and everyone picked a winner and it was ME...this is me and my mask....

There were so many masks and everyone did an awesome job. There were lots of laughs at the retreat until the wee small hours but Liz and Tanya Watson were the ones who stayed up all night and didn't sleep on Friday night at all....Don't know how they did it really but they did, hehe

I got to catch up with others I haven't seen for a while and that was great to. Louise, thanks for an awesome weekend.

This week has been hard as I am sick and have a few issues but I'm moving on with my life and things are about to change, I have had some good news about my boys in Christchurch which won't do the ex any good but do I care about the ex? NOPE!

Looks like a trip to Christchurch for a court hearing but bring it on, can't wait! I have done the best I can with my boys with what I had at the time and that shows and will show in court to and the ex can stick it.

More photos...

Ruth, me and Janine...awesome photo! hehe

Anyway next post will be with my layouts from the retreat when I can find them...hehe


Tanya Leigh

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